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Mundillo has several generations of practitioners, which becomes murky before 1860. The US Federal Census actually lists various artisans in and around Moca for the 1920 and 1930 censuses. I use oral history to supplement these records, along with other data to reconstruct the trajectory of mundillo on the west side of the island.

Among the families involved in mundillo in Moca are Arocho, Bosques, Egipciaco, Hernandez, Lassalle, Mendez, Moralez, Nieves, Perez, Rodriguez, Vale, and many others.



  1. This is really good information. I am interested in studying the history of mundillo. Where did you find the most information on it? I cannot go to P.R. right now. I wish I could. My grandmother was from Moca. Thanks ~Daniella

    • Hi Daniella,
      Thanks for your comments.
      Not much has been published on the history of mundillo (bobbin lace) in Puerto Rico. There’s a book on the history of mundillo, by Augusto Hernandez Mendez entitled Historia y desarrollo del mundillo mocano, which he self published in 1993. He was working on a second edition.
      Either later this year or early next year, my article “Mundillo and identity: The revival and transformation of handmade lace in Puerto Rico.” is forthcoming in Maureen Goggin and Beth Tobin, eds. Women and Things: The Material Culture of Needlework and Textiles (UK: Ashgate Publishing). There isn’t that much out there, but you can find an article on Rosa Elena Egipciaco: Queen of Mundillo at .

      In the meantime, i’ll be posting more frequently on mundillo.


  2. Por favor quisieramos saber el nombre de la senora mundillista que esta hasta hoy (11 de abril, 2009) en Plaza Las Americas en el Festival de los Santeros. Estuvimos en Plaza el jueves y nos quedamos asombrados con su arte a pesar de que aparentemente ella tiene artritis reumatoide. Le compramos unos articulos para la iglesia, pero desafortunadamente se nos olvido’ pedirle su tarjeta profesional. La pena es que no podemos volver a Plaza hoy porque ya estamos de regreso en Atlanta. Si sabe quien es ella y nos pudiera decir, se lo agradecere’ muchismo.

    • Saludos Nilka,
      Vivo en Oakland, CA. Hay mas de 9,000 mundillistas en la isla, y solamente conoce algunos de Moca. Lo mejor que te puede decir, es hace contacto con La Plaza de las Americas a ver si ellos te pueden conectar con los organizadores del evento del Festival de los Santeros. Espero que tienes suerte de encontrarla.

  3. Hello Ellen,
    I just found this site and it is wonderful. I am a third generation lace maker in Moca, PR, and am quite proud to be continuing the tradition. I learned to weave back in 2005 and it is quite a challenge. You never stop learning! A good book for beginners in english is “The Torchon Lace Workbook” by Bridget M. Cook, if you can find it. Oh, and don’t forget, the Mundillo Festival (Festival del Mundillo en Moca) is every Thanksgiving weekend. Keep up the good work!! Thanks, Nilsa

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