Posted by: efsacco | July 24, 2007

Telars y bobinas- wood & lace

Telars are the lap boxes that a lacemaker uses. It has a base and a roll so that the crossed and twisted threads that make up the lace can be secured with pins. As the lace is worked, the roll is rotated back, and the pins further away are reused for the new section. There’s no set size for the box, and its dimensions can be adjusted to fit the person, or the project.

Telars are also called mundillo. Wherever you find a maker of telars and bobbins, you’re sure to find other kinds of wood work. In the past, telars were fashioned from recycled wood– fruit boxes or furniture drawers. Today you can pick from a variety of styles, with incised or carved surfaces. There are even telars made of anodized aluminum or even lucite. Bobinas or bobbins can be made from a variety of woods, and in the Museo is a cabinet with bobinas made from 64 different woods, each with a different shade and density. Today, a lathe is used, before, folks used a knife or blade and whittled the bobbin out of coffee branches, or other types of branches collected from the countryside.

Frequently, santeros, the makers of wooden saints and religious imagery also made telars and bobinas. Stylistic regional differences were accentuated in the past, but this is less the case today given mobility; of more importance is the influence of training under particular teachers. It is the same with lacemaking. Moca has a number of master lacemakers, who teach individually or in small classes held in various locations. Each person imparts something to their student, who then can take the pattern and rhythm of lace to another level.



  1. Vivo en orlando ,florida y me gustaria aprender hacer mundillo.Si sabe de algun sitioen orlando donde pueda aprender a hacer mundillo favor de mandarme un e-mail.Me gustaria ensenarle a mi hija .gracias

    • maria… recibistes alguna respiuesta?? porque a mi tambien me gustaria aprender ese es el sueno de mi vida.


  2. I am the grandaughter of Julia Vale one of the great mundillistas of Moca,Puerto Rico. I only wish that I too would have learned the intricate art of mundillo so that I could pass it on along the blood line. Ada Hernandez is my aunt. If you are interested in purchasing or watching someone creating the art of mundillo, she has a great little boutique in town.

    It gives me great pleasure to know that the art is being taught and preserved. Moca now has a museum dedicated to the art of Mundillo. If you are in the northwest of the island be sure to stop by.

    • can you give me the address of your aunt in Orlando so I can visit her store??

      • Arlene,
        As for Nitza’s response to the store, it was in Moca, Puerto Rico. Julia Vale passed some time ago, and her daughter Ada Hernandez continues it as Mundillo Juliany out of her home, near the Plaza in Moca.
        As far as Orlando,there are mundillistas there and people teaching mundillo & bobbin lace. You can contact Darlene Rodriguez or Jeorge Garcia of Mundillo en Orlando.

        Mundillo En Orlando Inc
        1519 Brook Hollow Dr
        Orlando, FL 32824
        Phone: (407) 240-7753

        Hope this helps,

  3. Hello, I live in nyc and is there a store or a place that teaches mundillo, Thank You, Carmen Rosario, tel. 212-874-3287

    • Carmen, sorry about the delay– try contacting Rosa Elena Egipciaco who teaches in NYC. You can put her name into google, and obtain some contact info that way.

  4. Me gustaria conocer este hermoso arte del mundillo.Tambien, si exsisten persona dedicadas a este arte en Tampa ,Fla.No se si existe alguna universidad que ofrezca esta ensenanza.Me podria ofrecer algun maestro.Gracias por adelantado.Nilda Torres de Feliciano.

    • Nilda favor de contactar a Darleen, creo que no estas muy lejo de Orlando.

      Mundillo En Orlando Inc
      1519 Brook Hollow Dr
      Orlando, FL 32824
      Phone: (407) 240-7753

  5. Hola, me gustaria saber si en Clermont, Florida o cerca estan dando clases o vendan patrones, hilos, bolillos y etc. de Mundillo. Ya que yo practico con mi mundillo pasos que se hacer. Favor de llamarme al telefono 352-874-9685. o al P.O. Box 136381 Clermont, Fl 34711. Gracias Maritza Torres.

    • Hola Maritza,
      Lo que te puede decir es llama a la tejedora Darleen Rodriguez. Ella da clases y estas en Orlando, Florida. Puedes comunicar con ella por cartero o telefono:

      Mundillo En Orlando Inc
      1519 Brook Hollow Dr
      Orlando, FL 32824
      Phone: (407) 240-7753


      • Saludos y muchas Gracias.

  6. Hola,, vivo en Orlando, , yo tejo en mundillo,, no es mucho lo que se,, pero lo poco que aprendí, me ayuda a seguir en el arte. También me gustaría contactar otras personas que saben mundillo para seguir este legado,, y compartir con otros que les gusta. Supe, hace tiempo de una Sra. llamada Rosa Gonzalez (si no me equivoco) en el área de Orlando que hace mundillo pero no se mas de ella. Pueden comunicarse conmigo :

    • Hola Maria, Debes de contactar a Darleen Rodriguez, de Mundillo en Orlando. Ella tiene un nuevo numero de telephono, y creo de debe estar cercana de ti. Tambien puede ser que tienen otro fiesta de mundillo planificado para 2015 o 16. Gracias por visitar mi blog!

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